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TITLE Fondazione Cariplo - Exchange Research Program between PoliMI and VTT

TYPE Development of a Technology Platform between the South and the North of Europe: Exchange Research Program between Politecnico di Milano and VTT ? Technical Research Centre of Finland (S2N)

DESCRIPTION To increase the level of internationalization of the Politecnico di Milano by promoting exchanges of professors, scientists, and students with the VTT - Technical Research Centre of Finland. To support the excellence training of PhD and Post-Doc students by exposition to an advanced international scene like the Finnish Science-based innovation system.

DURATION Duration: 36 months
Start: 1st January 2011
End: 31st December 2013 - Extended until 30.06.2015

CONTACTS Per informazioni (Information) contattare:
Prof. Pierangelo Metrangolo (; 02-23993041)
Prof. Giuseppe Resnati (; 02-23993032)

DATE 2011-06-27