Modification of carbonaceous materials
PATENT N EPO 07113955.4
10 August 2007
W. Navarrini, M. Sansotera, P. Metrangolo, P. Cavallotti, G. Resnati
Procedure for the purification of alfa,omega diiodoperfluorinated ? compounds
PATENT N IPO MI2007A001384
11 July 2007
P. Metrangolo, G. Resnati, Y. Carcenac
Process for the synthesis of perfluoroalkylethers
PATENT N IPO MI2007A001481
10 August 2007
F. Venturini, M. Cantini, P. Metrangolo, G. Resnati, W. Navarrini
Fluorovinyl ethers and polymers obtainable therefrom
PATENT N US 7,160,976
9 January 2007
W. Navarrini
Process for the preparation of (per)fluorinated mono-functional carbonyl compounds
PATENT N DE 602004005508D
10 May 2007
G. Fontana, W. Navarrini
Use as stabilizers of perfluoropolyether oils at high temperatures, higher than 200C, of compounds not containing phosphorus
PATENT N DE 60306014T
11 January 2007
W. Navarrini, P. Maccone
Process for the synthesis of perfluoroalkylethers
PATENT N IT 2007-1481 20070723
M. Cantini, P. Metrangolo, W. Navarrini, G. Resnati, F. Venturini